Lagoa do Fogo half-day Jeep tour

This afternoon we visited Lagoa do Fogo (Lake of Fire) on a half-day Jeep tour. The lake is situated in the crater of the Agua de Pau volcano. The view of the lake was absolutely spectacular, and we picked a nice day to view it. The volcano beneath the lake and the area around it is still dormant, and the Caldeira Velha hot springs nearby prove this. We visited the hot springs after we soaked in enough of the view of Lagoa do Fogo. Some of the clients took a dip in the warm 35°C fresh water pools, which are heated by the magma underneath (but close to the surface of) the Earths crust. One of the pools was extremely hot, boiling temperatures at above 100°C - there was no swimming to be had in this one! As well as the warm pools, Caldeira Velha is a really scenic place to visit with an almost Jurassic feel to it. A much recommended place to spend an afternoon.
After resting and relaxing in the hot springs, we journeyed on to Ribeira Grande to where local liquors are made. We walked round the factory seeing the huge wooden casks in which the liquor was kept to mature. Afterwards we were allowed to try samples of the liquor and was also able to buy some to take home!
Laden with goods, we headed home. Such a nice way to spend the afternoon, São Miguel really does have some beautiful scenery.

Stunning views of Lagoa do Fogo
The waterfall at Caldeira Velha
Bathing in the hot springs
You can see the steam rising from the hot springs

Plenty of frogs thrive in the warm water. You can constantly hear them croaking to one another

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