The start of the year for the tea

Ontem, as máquinas da fábrica de chá Gorreana começaram a operacionar pela primeira vez este ano. Os rebentos da planta são recolhidos anualmente entre os meses de Abril e Outubro, no terreno da fábrica com cerca de 32 hectares, de forma mecânica, que veio substituir a apanha manual. O chá Gorreana é de grande qualidade pois não são utilizados quaisquer químicos nas plantações visto que as pragas normais/comuns da planta do chá não sobrevivem no clima de São Miguel.

No video poderá ver os roladores em funcionamento.

Yesterday the Gorreana tea factory started to operate for the first time this year. The plant's shoots are picked between  April and October, in the factory's field of 32 hectares, mechanically, replacing the old hand-picking method. Gorreana tea is of great quality because no chemicals are used on the plantations since the normal/common plagues that threaten the plant can't survive the climate of São Miguel.

In the video you can see the rollers in function.


Actividade nas Sete Cidades

No dia 14 de Março realizou-se uma actividade nas Sete Cidades com o Agrupamento de Escolas Templários - Tomar, correspondente a uma visita de estudo do Curso Profissional de Técnico de Apoio à Gestão Desportiva, requerida pelo professor responsável João Rodrigues. Esta foi realizada no nosso Centro de Actividades das Sete Cidades com as seguintes operosidades: Peddy Paper, BTT e Canoagem. 

Esta foi a nossa tarde com o grupo:

On March 14, we made a sport activity in Sete Cidades with the Agrupamento de Escolas Templários - Tomar, corresponding to a field trip by the class of Curso Profissional de Técnico de Apoio à Gestão Desportiva, requested by the organizing teacher João Rodrigues. This event occurred in our activity center with the following activities: Peddy Paper, Mountain Biking and Canyoning.

This was our afternoon with them: 

Equipa Vermelha / Red team

Equipa Amarela / Yellow team

Equipa Roxa / Purple team

Equipa Verde / Green team

O nosso almoço no Green Love / Our lunch at the Green Love restaurant

O nosso Centro de Actividades / Our activity center


How to create your own memory

In the beginning of the year we had the pleasure to do some trips with Erika Gerdes, among the other guests. I could not help but notice that she was gathering all kinds of small things, what other people would discard of. At one point I had to ask, what she was planning to do with all those things...
As an answer she sent us photos with her own explanation in German. Following is a loose translation, as it is very difficult to translate feelings.

It lasted a little, because I had always add something. At the moment it´s still missing the American flag ( to represent 10-th Azorean Island) and a rainbow. I used as many things as possible:

- Obsidian stands for Pico Island
-  Paper from teabags, to represent the tea factory
- I didn't forget to put  a “Roque” (big stone) from Sao Roque
- And also volcanic crater of Vila Franca Islet
- Red dots for the lighthouses
- A small piece of fishing net down under, next to Santa Maria Island and above the Portuguese flag
- Butt from a local cigar, Pérola, smoked by me
- Cover from local “Atlantic” wine bottle
- Cap from “Kima” (local passion fruit drink)

- Different stones: brown, black, sulfur-colored, light-colored pumice

- Black sand, small pink shell fragments, which once covered the black sand
- Lichen, different seeds, eucalyptus
- Small picture of a cow
- Cruise chip, left top side, close to sun and stars

- On the second row 5 blue dots, to represent rain
- 6 blue harts, on the 3.th row, left, next to Faial, representing my love to the sea
- Above the wine cap, small blue symbol for the wind and big waves
- Lagoa de Fogo is bit faded, It was marked with blue-colored flower-bud

I hope you like it as much as I do -  a great memory of a wonderful vacation.

We think it´s wonderful, thank you so much Erika.


Sete Cidades and Lagoa do Fogo - Combi jeep tour

Spring is in the air in the Azores!

As the seasons change we see the landscapes of the Azorean islands transform. Spring is the time that the islands are the most beautiful, as it is now that the flowers bloom and cover the fields and mountain slopes in a rainbow of colours. Right now the pink azaleas are blooming and we can see many of them scattered especially around the lakes of Sete Cidades. During the past two days we were able to enjoy this beautiful sight in Sete Cidades combined with the impressive mountainous landscapes of Lagoa do Fogo on our combi jeep tour. 

Futurismo's full day combi tour is the best way to see the regions of both Sete Cidades and Lagoa do Fogo in one day. It is the perfect choice for people who do not have time to see both regions on separate days. Today we were very lucky with the weather throughout the whole day. The sun followed us and the clouds seemed to part in just the right places for us to enjoy all of the magnificent viewpoints in both regions. We started in the volcanic complex of Sete Cidades where we had several stops to enjoy the different views of the crater as well as the lakeside at the bottom. The lunch that is included in the trip was traditional Azorean food in a local restaurant. In the afternoon we explored the region of Lagoa do Fogo, with stops at the viewpoints over Fogo lake and the nature reserve of Caldeira Velha. We had a perfect end of the day with a visit to the liquor factory in Ribeira Grande where all the traditional liquors are made and can be tasted and bought.

A perfect start to the morning with a rainbow just after leaving Ponta Delgada

Pico do Carvão viewpoint

Aquaduct remains - used to transport water from the lakes to Ponta Delgada during the 17th-18th Centuries

Vista do Rei viewpoint

The most famous viewpoint for photography

Vista do Rei means King's viewpoint. Named so because after the King of Portugal visited in 1901

Pink azaleas - one of the many beautiful flowers that grows all over the island

The west of São Miguel island

White azaleas

Driving around the blue lake of Sete Cidades

Two of Futurismo's nature guides - Irene and Nuno

View from halfway up Lagoa do Fogo mountain down to Ponta Delgada

View of Lagoa do Fogo from the road

Lagoa do Fogo - Fogo lake

On top of the world

Caldeira Velha natural reserve

Naturally heated bathing pool in Caldeira Velha. Here you can enjoy a soak in water of about 37-38ºC

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