What do to a rainy day

We had everything set for a great walking tour in Sete Cidades, but the rain and wind stopped us. So we had to settle for plan B and that was a wonderful experience. We visited a lot of interesting places around the west part of São Miguel. First we looked at the three lakes (Lagoa Azul, Lagoa Verde and Lagoa de Santiago), we stopped in Sete Cidades having a warm coffee and waiting out the rain. Later we stopped at Mosteiros, the look out point of Escalvado, Ferreira and Capelas to see the old whaling factory and Oficina Museu. Photos from the tour:

Between the lakes of Sete Cidades

Church in Sete Cidades

One of our vigias/look outs in Escalvado


Leftovers from a seagulls lunch

Lunch time


Vidalia (endemic specie of Azores)

Photos below are taken at the Oficina Museu


Fishing boat

Did you have one as a kid?

Sperm whale lower jaws

Model of a whaling boat

The harpooner

Class room

Azorean news papers

Photos below are from Capelas and the whaling factory

The whaling factory, 
you can see the chimney and the road where the whales were dragged

The winch to pull the whales from the water 

Boat ramp, where the whales were pulled up on land

Fishing boats

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