Sete Cidades walking tour

Futurismo offers walking tours all months of the year for those people that like to take their time to see the beauty of São Miguel Island with an experienced guide. One of the most popular regions in São Miguel Island is "Sete Cidades" which means seven cities. Sete Cidades is located on the west of the island and is famous for its beautiful views over the twin lakes (the blue lake and green lake) inside a large volcanic crater. On this particular day we organised a half day walking tour around a part of the rim of the crater with a wonderful group from Holland. We were lucky with the weather as only right at the end when we returned to our awaiting bus it began to rain. We enjoyed beautiful views along the way and everybody returned to Ponta Delgada feeling refreshed.

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  1. Beautiful post and amazing pics.
    Hope to see more of your lovely images.


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