Walking tour to Lagoa do Fogo with Futurismo

Today we accomplished a full-day walking tour to „Lagoa do Fogo“ (The Fire Lake) which got this name after the last very explosive eruption that had occured in 1564 and was visible even from the Island of Terceira in the central group of the Azores archipelago. The difficulty-rating of this walking trail is "medium "because of its steep slope at the beginning, which is followed by enjoyable walking through the forest passing by "levada" (the water channel which brings water  from the mountain to the lower places of the island). From the beginning we had pleasant weather and in the end we had nice views to the "Lagoa do Fogo" lake which was not hidden in the fog this time. Today's walking tour rounded up with a visit to the natural monument of  "Caldeira Velha" which is the place with natural boiling water and also, with the bathing place where our clients can have a warm bath if they wish.
Blossoming hydrangea

Caldeira Velha

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