How to create your own memory

In the beginning of the year we had the pleasure to do some trips with Erika Gerdes, among the other guests. I could not help but notice that she was gathering all kinds of small things, what other people would discard of. At one point I had to ask, what she was planning to do with all those things...
As an answer she sent us photos with her own explanation in German. Following is a loose translation, as it is very difficult to translate feelings.

It lasted a little, because I had always add something. At the moment it´s still missing the American flag ( to represent 10-th Azorean Island) and a rainbow. I used as many things as possible:

- Obsidian stands for Pico Island
-  Paper from teabags, to represent the tea factory
- I didn't forget to put  a “Roque” (big stone) from Sao Roque
- And also volcanic crater of Vila Franca Islet
- Red dots for the lighthouses
- A small piece of fishing net down under, next to Santa Maria Island and above the Portuguese flag
- Butt from a local cigar, Pérola, smoked by me
- Cover from local “Atlantic” wine bottle
- Cap from “Kima” (local passion fruit drink)

- Different stones: brown, black, sulfur-colored, light-colored pumice

- Black sand, small pink shell fragments, which once covered the black sand
- Lichen, different seeds, eucalyptus
- Small picture of a cow
- Cruise chip, left top side, close to sun and stars

- On the second row 5 blue dots, to represent rain
- 6 blue harts, on the 3.th row, left, next to Faial, representing my love to the sea
- Above the wine cap, small blue symbol for the wind and big waves
- Lagoa de Fogo is bit faded, It was marked with blue-colored flower-bud

I hope you like it as much as I do -  a great memory of a wonderful vacation.

We think it´s wonderful, thank you so much Erika.

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