Another hiking week

Another week has passed and we had a few more really great hikes in the green island (São Miguel) of the Azores. The weather hasn't been great, but still, with some flexibility and team work we were able to manage the schedule to best suit our walkers. Guests that join our walks have the opportunity to learn about local history, fauna, flora, traditions and society while having fun, excercising and being in close contact with nature. It will be our pleasure to have you in one of our next groups!
Sete Cidades lake in front of us, walking along the rim of the crater

Another perspective from the rim of the crater

Furnas walk, passing near Furnas lake

Still in Furnas, visiting the beautiful Terra Nostra garden

The third walk of the week - Faial da Terra 

 This walk is also known as "the jungle walk"

Salto do Prego - the amazing and very refreshing waterfall where people can go for a quick swim


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