Gruta do Carvão

This week we made a tour with a group of clients to one of the caves under Ponta Delgada called Gruta do Carvão. Its a very interesting place where you will learn about the different caves in Azores, history of the volcanic activity, minerals and bacteria, the types of lava (aa lava and pahoehoe lava) and vegetation (and about a few insects). And, of course, take a walk underground and explore the caves. After Gruta do Carvão we visited Ribeira Grande, stopped at a few good view-points and one of São Miguels tea factories; Chá Gorreana. Some photos from the tour:

Gruta do Carvão

Bird of Paradise flower

Ribeira Grande

African Lilly

Tea plantage Chá Gorreana

Inside the tea factory

Ending the tour by trying three types of tea made at Chá Gorreana

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