Full-day tour to Furnas with Futurismo

Below are some pictures of our full-day tour to Furnas from Tuesday. On this day we combined our walking tour with a visit to the tea factory "Gorreana" where you can taste local green and black tea. For lunch we went to a family restaurant where we ate "cozido" which is a speciality cooked underground in Furnas. We also had the chance to taste some local liqueurs. At the end of the tour we visited the chapel "Senhora da Paz" in Vila Franca do Campo. This chapel is situated high on the hill above Vila Franca and offers breathtaking views of Vila Franca Islet.

The tea plantations
The modern methods of tea collecting which replaced a traditional manual ones

Sterilization of tea leaves before their rolling
In the middle of the Furnas crater - caldeiras
The favourite "sauna" place of Heidi (our german guide)

The tasting of natural mineral water in Furnas
The view from the "Pico do Ferro" (The Iron Peak) to the Furnas lake

In front of Vila Frnaca Islet
Fishermen in Vila Franca do Campo

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