Sete Cidades walking tour

As the time flies, also here in São Miguel summer is over and the time is coming to explore beauty of this island from another perspective. Futurismo does tours with clients all year around, you don't need to be afraid that you will miss the right time to make trails in this paradise in the middle of Atlantic. On one of our tours in October we went with our German clients to Sete Cidades, on the western part of São Miguel island, and walked around this well known area of the blue and green lakes. Our trail went around the top of the crater and we stopped to have a picnic at one of beautiful viewpoints. With our German friends we had chance this day to see the amazing landscapes, view the lakes and enjoy moments when the sun and clouds were creating that special atmosphere you can see only in winter time here. We  finished our tour this day by bathing in hot ocean water - at Ponta da Ferraria. In this place you can feel the power of volcanism, there is a natural pool where a hot spring occurs and mixes with ocean water - just the perfect relaxation after a walking tour.

 Firts viewpoint over local green pastures

 Only a small obstacle after heavy rain day before

 That way our trip leads

 Our German clients during the walking tour

 "Somebody" is watching us

 During the walking tour

 Sete Cidades and view to Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde

Thermal spa at Ponta da Ferraria

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