Two lakes tour in São Miguel island

One of our first tours of the new year to lakes in São Miguel island surprised us with really cool weather - a bit of rain, fresh wind, warm sunlight and rainbows everywhere. In the morning we visited viewpoints around Sete Cidades - we could see the narrowest part of the island and also the lakes in this area - Lagoa Azul, Lagoa Verde and Lagoa do Santiago and on the top of this crater. We experienced an Azorean winter with temperatures of 5°C and hail - such a nice experience. For lunch we tried one of the typical meals - chicharros e açorda de tomato - crispy fried mackerel and mash from bread, tomatoes and garlic - it may sound odd but it tastes so good. And of course we didn't forget to taste local deserts. Strengthened by lunch we set off to our afternoon program - Lagoa do Fogo and its beautiful views, some of us bathed in the hot water of Caldeira Velha and in the end we also visited our local liqueur factory Mulher de Capote.

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