Windy and fogy Sete Cidades walking trail

Another time, another group of German clients and the same place - Sete Cidades walking trail. In the Azores you never know what kind of weather you should expect. On this day we had great group of people. Although the weather conditions were not the best (it was really windy and foggy on the top of Sete Cidades crater mountains) we had great adventure there with our German friends. Walking with our heads in clouds - what more do you want? During the tour we were lucky to arrive to the viewpoint at the right time so that our clients had just a bit of a misty view of the lagoons, while they heard our German-speaking guide's narration about the area of Sete Cidades, it's history, legends about colour of green and blue lakes, nature, current issues and opportunities.  At the end of our day we finished up with a sunny visit to a local pineapple plantation, exploring the secret of growing pineapples in the Azores. At this favourite stop we always offer tasting of the pineapple liqueur that is made here.

 Beginning of our windy experience

 Fog in front of us, fog behind us...

 View to Lagoa Azul in Sete Cidades from the top

 Beautiful view from Lagoa Azul

 Pinneaple plantation

Baby pinneaple

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