Amazing Sete Cidades and Ferraria

Weather is playing with us on São Miguel island - today we decided to walk on the other side of Sete Cidades crater and we were right and lucky to be on the sunny part of this area. With our German clients we had nice walk along the top of the crater, with beautiful and colourful views on both sides - to lakes and sea. We had our picnic lunch near the water inside the crater, and after that we had more walking around thebBlue lake and village of Sete Cidades. Three of our friends also enjoyed swimming in heated ocean water - in a natural pool and thermal baths at Ponta da Ferraria. For the rest of us, it was refreshing just to watch waves crashing on the lava rocks. It's an amazing place to spend few hours of your busy life and take a nap.

 Ready to start

 View to the lakes

 View to coast and sea

 Crater of Sete Cidades

 Village of Mosteiros in the distance 

 Our walking crew

Walking path around the Lagoa Azul

The way to a swimming paradise at Ponta da Ferraria

 Natural pool with a hot spring in the ocean - just jump! 

Waves at Ponta da Ferraria

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