Waterfall at Faial da Terra

On the first day of December we set off with our German clients to the eastern part of São Miguel island - Faial da Terra. The way to this place is long and passes through much the island, full of beautiful views. One of the most impressive views is from Salto do Cavalo, where our German friends could enjoy an amazing morning view over Furnas valley, Furnas village and lake and Povoação village. Our walking trail started in Faial da Terra. This small village is interesting for its history and is unique place where the local people used to hide pirates. This short walking trail ends at the base of an amazing waterfall which is hidden in the forest. During the way to this waterfall our German clients were exploring the beauty of our forest "jungle". The view in the end was worth it.

 View from Salto do Cavalo over Furnas crater

Part of Povoação crater

 With GPS it's easy

 Village of Faial da Terra

 Small village, where the locals used to hide out from pirates

 Along the way to the waterfall

Waterfall Salto do Prego - the treasure of our trip

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